The Eutelsat satellite in Ka band


In late 2010, Eutelsat launched KA-SAT, the first European wide band satellite operating in Ka-band bandwidth.

The KA-SAT has been positioned at 9 ° East, and provides Internet access and broadcasting services throughout Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

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Eutelsat KA-SAT
Eutelsat KA-SAT

High performance

The speed and performance enabled by satellite connections to the Internet, are comparable and even superior to standard ADSL connections.

• up to 18Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload for private and professional use.

• up to 40Mbps in download and 10 Mbps upload dedicated to Hi-end connections.


Eutelsat KA-SAT

The use of the Ka band combined with the multi-spot technology allows to multiply more than 30 times the full capacity of the satellite compared to conventional satellites (cover picture with 82 spots).

The Ka-band is much more powered than the Ku-band and allows the transmission of larger data flows through tighter wave beam.

This allows to multiply the number of accesses that a single beam is able to manage, greatly reducing the costs for the end user.

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