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UNIService Stream

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Services for video streaming


Univideo offers a series of full-service (equipment and technical support) to record and stream high-quality video.

Streaming video is suitable for any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, etc ...) and can be viewed directly on the website of your business, in your customers’s website or through a web page with custom graphics, created in our server and managed thanks to our Webstreaming platform.

Rent of streaming server

The video streaming server UnivideoSAT are directly connected to major internet backbones to allow simultaneously the largest number of people to watch the streaming video without interruption.

The program can also be recorded for later on-demand playback.

It’s also available conditional access by passwords and biometric authentication.


The service is provided through its compact structure and fast moving vehicles, equipped with satellite dish for satellite internet connection.

Each vehicle is equipped with a small generator and a UPS to guarantee the right operation in case of power failure from the main network.

The network is connected via gigabit router and one or more hot-spot wi-fi; access can be public or by password.

Mezzo mobile Univideo


Basic package for streaming high quality videos

Mobile vehicle or parable on flycase for satellite internet connection, video encoder, video streaming server

UNIStream Daily

Solution for the complete management of streaming video

Professional support, broadcast camera

Vehicle or parable of flight case for satellite internet connection, video encoders, video-streaming server

UNIStream Events

Top proposal for the complete audio-video management of any event

Directed video for multi-camera productions (mobile means dedicated or flight case), technical support, large screens, video projectors, LED / Plasma screens, stereo audio systems, computers for multimedia presentations Management

Mobile means of a satellite connection to the Internet, video encoder, video streaming server

UNIStream Server

Solution on an hourly basis for high quality streaming on RTMP format

Our servers support the connection of thousand users at the same time

Video streaming visible with every web browser, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and Smartphone Android

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